Pelvic Equilibrium Theory – A New MSK Paradigm Part 1 & 2

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Mon 4th July

Pelvic Equilibrium Theory – A New MSK Paradigm.Part 1 & 2

Mon 4th July
Course presenter: Clifton Bradeley

Pelvic Equilibrium Theory – A New MSK Paradigm.
Part 1 & 2

This course looks at the Pelvic Equilibrium Theory (PET) in great detail. The course is both PowerPoint based and hands-on. The course:
•    Describes a new theory of pelvic adaptation.
•    Describe how pelvic adaptation can create many of the common injuries we see in clinical, including lower back pain.
•    Describes how the pelvis can affect other areas of the posture.
•    Describes how using a digital pelvic inclinometer (DPI) and the PET can help practitioner understand, assess and treat pelvic conditions.
•    Describes how to quantify pelvic position before and after using orthoses.
•    Emphasises how important it is to understand pelvic mechanics in MSK.
•    Offers an alternative explanation for lower back pain.
•    Etc.

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