How to provide an IR score for a team or individual’

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Mon 26th Sept 2016

‘How to provide an IR score for a team or individual’

Mon 26th Sept
Course presenter: Clifton Bradeley

Injury Risk (IR) Prediction.
‘How to provide an IR score for a team or individual’.

This course teaches delegates how to make an injury risk score on a number of clinical tests from the pelvis downwards. Each test score from a low risk to very high risk (1 to 5) providing an over all average, which can be used to pre-empt injury risk in an individual or team setting, allowing good management before problems arise.
The course is both PowerPoint and practical. The course is held a Sub-4 in Stoke-on-Trent with a hot lunch provided. The course:

•    Shows you a range of clinical assessment techniques, each of which has a score rating of 1 to 5.
•    The scoring system is explained in details allowing you to make an assessment of injury risk.
•    Each test forms and over all IR score of a given patient, which can be used to form part of a report about a patient’s injury status or risk.
•    This course would be extremely useful for those involved in, or have an interest in sports injuries.
•    The course demonstrates both static and dynamic tests.
•    The course uses technology during the tests.
•    Course documentation will be provided.

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