Knee Mechanics - Dysfunction, Assessment & Treatment

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Mon 23rd May 2016
Knee Mechanics – Dysfunction, Assessment & Treatment

Mon 23rd May
Course presenter: Clifton Bradeley

Knee Mechanics – Dysfunction, Assessment & Treatment.

This course looks at the knee joint complex in detail teaching practitioners how understand dysfunction, assessment and treatment. The course is both PowerPoint based and hands-on. The course:
•    Describes knee morphology and function.
•    Describe knee dysfunction in detail.
•    Describes the role of the knee during gait and how it can affect other areas of the kinetic chain.
•    Describes how the knee can become injured during pelvic dysfunction.
•    Shows practitioners how to assess the knee both statically and dynamically.
•    Shows practitioners how to treat the knee via improved pelvic function.
•    Shows practitioners how to prescribe orthoses to improve knee function.
•    Etc.

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