How to Carry Out a Biomechanical Assessment. 'Clifton Bradeley style’

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Mon 15th August 2016

How to Carry Out a Biomechanical Assessment. ‘Clifton Bradeley style’

Mon 15th August
Course presenter: Clifton Bradeley

How to Carry Out a Biomechanical Assessment  ‘Clifton Bradeley style’.

This course will demonstrate how to carry out a clinical biomechanical assessment based on the clinical experience and techniques developed by course leader (Clifton Bradeley). Clifton has conducted over 15,000 two-hour assessments over 25-years and uses instrumentation and clinical protocols developed at his multi disciplinary health centre in Staffordshire. The course is both PowerPoint based and hands-on. The course:

•    Takes you from the history right through to the orthoses prescription.
•    Will show you how to identify leg length inequality and asymmetrical overload syndrome.
•    Will show you how to consider the whole kinetic chain during assessment.
•    Will use both pressure plate and gait computerised gait analysis techniques.
•    Will show you how to use motion palpation on the treadmill to find MSK dysfunction.
•    Will show you how to find evidence of dysfunction using technology including the digital pelvic inclinometer (DPI)
•    Etc.

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