Orthotics Production

Orthotics Production – on the SAME day as the assessment

Sub-4 have made a number of innovation in clinical biomechanics and won a number of innovation awards:

2004 Sentinel Start-up Business of the Year
2004 Sentinel Innovation Business of the Year
2005 City of Stoke-on-Trent Innovation Business of the Year

One of our innovation called the Orthotics Prescription Builder (OPB) Kit, which allows practitioners to prescribe orthotics without a POP cast or impression box.

Sub-4 practitioners use this system to prescribe their clients orthotics, allowing the Sub-4 lab (NEW manufacturing facility) to hand make the orthotics on the same day as the assessment, so that you walk out with the orthotics after the consultation.

This allow you to start your treatment immediately, reducing pain and improving performance on the day in most cases. Many of our customers come from all over the UK and other countries, so the fact that we make your orthotics on the same means that you do not need to make a return visit in the day that follow, unlike other practitioners.

Sub-4 Health is the only facility in the UK that makes bespoke orthotics on the same day as the assessment.

We are very proud of this fact.