Orthotics Products

At Sub-4 our latest range of orthoses has evolved to give optimum performance to the patient and easy solutions for the practitioner.

When choosing Sub-4 Limited as your orthoses supplier we want you to have complete peace of mind in terms of:

  • Product quality
  • Prescription Accuracy

Turn around time (10 days guaranteed service as standard / faster services also available).

Choose a product from our extensive range below for more information.


The ideal orthotic for runners of all distances. Can be made with an extra Poron layer for high mileage runners. Also available with medial arch fill as required


Designed for optimum comfort as it is worn on a daily basis. This Orthotic is ideal for day to day wearing in most shoe types. Because of the extra layer or Poron this is often regarded as an excellent othotic for walking.
Comforthotic 2 Comforthotic 1


Ideal for all sports types – Cricket / Racquet sports / Golf / Hockey/ Netball. Input details of the activity type and an orthotic will be manufactured in line with the specific movements of the individual sport.
Sportsthotic 2 Sportsthotic 1


Sub-4 stylethotics are specifically designed to wear with more fashionable / dressier shoes. This is a generally slimmer version of a comforthotic. Cobra fit devices are available for very slim ladies shoes – either covered or uncovered to conserve space in the shoe.


Available in medium or high density – this device gives excellent control whilst enabling optimum comfort. Ideal for patients with more sensitive foot issues.

EVAthotic 2 EVAthotic 1


This excellent orthotic gives optimum rigidity and control for excessive pronation, and for activities demanding greater support. Ideal for the transfer of proprioceptive feedback

Kids EVA

Allows controlled but normal development of the young foot. Allows normal onological development maintaining a vertical heel and supporthing the arch structure as the heel develops.

Kids EVA


This is a slimmer device ideal for the requirements of the modern football/rugby player giving required support without being over invasive inside the boot. Many Premiership stars already wear Sub-4 orthotics!