One-to-One Clinical Training Day

One-to-One Clinical Training Day

Expand your clinical skills by spending a clinical day with MSK specialist Clifton Bradeley at the new Sub-4 Health MSK Centre in Stoke-on-Trent.
Make notes, interact and observe Clifton whilst he conducts one and two hour biomechanical assessment on clients (mainly runners and footballers) with over use injuries (mainly sports related).

What will you get out of the day?

  • Learn sacroiliac joint assessment skills
  • Leg length inequality (LLI) assessment skills
  • Differentiate between bony, apparent & function LLI
  • Learn how to use a Digital Pelvic Inclinometer (DPI)
  • Learn how to quantify dysfunction using technology
  • Learn the Pelvic Equilibrium Theory
  • Learn motion palpation & other gait skills
  • Learn how to identify abnormal motion patterns
  • Observe dysfunctional sinusoidal motion patterns
  • And many more skills & literature

The day includes lunch.
Date:    Please Call for booking dates.
Cost:   £140 (Free if purchased a DPI or OPB kit)

For booking information, please contact Sub-4 on
01782-551698 or e-mail

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