Orthotics Prescription Builder (OPB) Kit

Originally innovated at the Sub-4 Health Biomechanics Centre to make their orthotics prescription process as efficient and as easy as possible.

It is now available to all practitioners.

No plaster of Paris casting or impression box required.

What does it do?

The OPB is an orthotics prescription kit, which allows the practitioner to use an orthotics shell and build the prescription step by step with the patient present. The patient can be involved in the prescription process and offer feedback from the orthotics shells in the kit. The kit also has a 12mm EVA board for the assessment of leg length inequality (LLI) and in-shoe function trials (full-length foot raises) for gait analysis during the prescription process.

Not only is the OPB a new and innovative clinical assessment tool, there is also a considerable cost and time saving over current methods. OPB orthotics are still hand made so they can be sold at the normal bespoke price.

Advantages are:

  • No cast or impression box required
  • No postage and visit to the post office
  • No messy plaster of Paris
  • Simply email the order to the Sub-4 Orthotics Lab
  • The orthotics are less expensive to buy and have greater profit margins
  • Easy to use proven method
  • Impressive to the patient
  • Very comfortable polypropylene orthotics
  • The orthotics are hand-made in the Sub-4 Lab
  • 3 free CPD certificated courses every year for OPB users

How does it work?

The OPB kit was initially developed by taking digital scans of the several hundred POP positive foot casts in storage at the Sub-4 lab. We also scanned hundreds of foot over a two-year period to form a massive library of digital scans. These were tghen used to form a computer generated average of the human foot. The average was then turned into a CADCAM file and milled out to form the shells in your OPB kit. The OPB orthotics shells have a very high patient conformity levels and are now being worn by many different patient groups and ages including Premier League footballers, athletes, other practitioners, children etc.

What is included in the OPB kit?
The OPB kit contains the following components:

  • 1 x set (pairs) of sizes 2 to 13 UK Orthotic shells
  • 1 x set of top covers
  • 1 x 3/4 length 1.6mm Poron top
  • 1 x full-length 3mm Poron top
  • 1 x set of each forefoot padding
  • 2 x orthotics samples to show patients
  • 1 x storage box
  • 1 x set of paperwork
  • 1 x Sub-4 training course dates
  • 1 x 12mm EVA assessment board
  • 1 x separate heel raise (6mm)
  • 1 x trial varus posting wedge set
  • 1 x goniometer
  • 5 x copies of the prescription forms
  • 1 x clinical protocol instructions
  • 1 x insole cover size chart
  • 1 x set sizes 2 to 13 UK functional trials – insoles (3mm medium density EVA with a 6mm Heel raise)What are the clinical applications?The OPB kit has become so popular and outsold all expectation because it is so easy to use. It allows practitioners to make an instant assessment, involving the patient in choosing the materials and also provides the tools to leek at a leg length inequality both in static and dynamic functional trials.

The OPB kit has become extremely popular with busy practitioners because of how easy it is to use.

The main benefit is that the OPB kit has a high patient compliance level. The orthotics are very comfortable for patients immediately, which means that less aftercare issues arise and the treatment can therefore become effective quickly. In an age of higher expectations the OPB kit allow the practice to develop a reputation for treatment sucess and high levels of service.
What will I get for my investment?

An Orthotic Prescription Builder kit with a 2 year guarantee.
A protective case.
A half-day clinical training with Clifton Bradeley at Sub-4 Health.
An operator’s manual including clinical case studies.
3 FOC half-day OPB forum courses at Sub-4 Health (CPD certified).
The quarterly “Functional Pathways to Injury” bulletin featuring the latest research, clinical tips and case studies relating to the DPI.

On-going support

Practitioners who buy an OPB kit will have access to on-going support and training from Sub-4 Health. Users will be invited to attend 3 FOC half-day training courses in the use of the OPB kit and how to work with the “Functional Pathways to Injury” Matrix’. Courses will teach practitioners how to identify the true origins of repetitive injury, and will be introduced to other innovations by Sub-4 Health.

Sub-4’s Clifton Bradeley is also available each day for one-to-one conversations about the kit or a particular patient’s needs.
Practitioner Testimonial

“I have found the OPB to be a great tool for prescribing effective orthotics. The kit includes everything you need for a thorough biomechanical examination and allows you to test the effect of different prescriptions before commiting. The OPB ordering process has a big advantage over casting as there is no need to post anything to the lab, saving time and getting the orthotics to the patient sooner.”

Jack Loveday

MSK Podiatrist & Biomechanics Specialist